Michelle| 14 Jan 2013| 0 comments

Pay attention to detail! An important aspect of being a photographer is to develop sensitivity to everything in the viewfinder, especially around the edges. A strong photograph can be described as an accumulation of well-resolved details, where everything works together. An important point for art photography as well as commercial work, it is the way we see that makes the subject worth looking at. In this product image is for Bedford Industries, I want my background to add textural interest but not overpower.  The limited color palette keeps the image elegantly simple and makes ElastiTag stand out, the side lighting adds depth and separation.

Michelle| 05 Dec 2012| 0 comments

2012 is over, it was filled with fun and interesting photography. The  December cover of Biz magazine highlights a recent photograph that was fun to create. The cover was achieved with a large aperture, F2 and a continuous light source. Your choice of aperture is a choice about focus, one of the most important decisions you make about your image. My first assignment for my Photography class at Augustana is aperture, how we can draw the viewer to one aspect of the frame. A large aperture creates a narrow band of focus, one that can leave objects blurry both in front and behind. One of the finishing touches in Photoshop, to give the image warmth and glow was the use of the filter: Diffuse Glow. The image was photographed on a white background, Diffuse Glow can be used to fill in your highlights with a color, and I always use blending modes, my favorite part of Photoshop.