About Jayne



I have been blessed with the vision to use light to bring interest, vitality and emotion to my work. My career is over 30 years strong and I’ve been lucky to create images ranging from fashion to farming, art to architecture, and products to people.

The driving force behind what I do is my love for the process of discovery. Each day provides an opportunity to develop a new vision, a deeper understanding, and a more meaningful way of relating to the world around me.

I like to think of what I do as vibrant, alive, timeless and elegant. But most of all, I like to think what I do is fun.

We know Jayne is a “sure thing” for beautiful work, whether in-studio or on-site. She is sensitive to our needs and is prompt in delivering the finished product. I would recommend Jayne to anyone for portraits and commercial work.

- Julie Gehm, Marketing Director, Children's Care Hospital and School
Awards I’m proud of

Five-time South Dakota Photographer of the Year


I see the singular beauty in every face.


It’s amazing how every place can tell a story.


Blending, shaping and sculpting with light.

Kind Words

I have been fortunate to experience Jayne Erickson’s photography from both in front of and behind the camera lens.

As a photographer’s assistant I see the time and effort she puts into each and every picture: researching formats, layouts, composition, lighting, client goals and desires, backgrounds, wardrobe changes and moods. There is really an amazing amount of preparation that goes into a real photographer’s work that you cannot in any way appreciate unless you have participated in a shoot. While the camera is clicking away, Erickson makes multiple adjustments on the fly for location, clients’ temperaments, weather, spontaneity and a variety of other factors.

Then, being in front of the camera to have photos taken for my business as a yoga instructor: I have had Erickson’s professional eye and focus (pun intended) turn directly on me. She knew what I wanted and worked to create that look. In addition, she made several suggestions, pushing me beyond my boundaries to reach for more. I was extremely pleased with the photos, and have used them for my website, Facebook, online dating and many other things as well. I am considering having more photos taken to reflect my changing life and a more current me.

The last step, which has become even more important in this day and age of digital cameras and photography, Erickson has the computer expertise to create more than just photographs. She makes art-- photos that are truly unique and special; something you won’t get from just anyone who takes up a digital camera in hand. She cleans, focuses, blurs, and uses all the appropriate special effects to get the photos you want, and can deliver for use in print or online, in a variety of formats.

Deb Lumendal
Freelance Yoga Instructor

Jayne has taken product shots for Bedford Industries for over 8 years. We utilize her images for large tradeshow signage, brochures, press releases, & web design. Jayne has the perfect mix of professionalism and creativity!

Deb Houseman
Creative/Marketing Manager, Bedford Industries